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Demonstrations on the Danube – agINFRA in Serbia

Ben was in Serbia last week at the latest agINFRA project meeting. The event, held at the beautiful riverside premises of the Institute of Physics, Belgrade, gave consortium partners a first glimpse of the innovative tools agINFRA is developing to help make the lives of agricultural scientists easier. agINFRA harnesses the power of grid computing – a huge network of powerful supercomputers which can slash the time needed to understand huge datasets. For agricultural researchers, who sometimes need to perform complex operations as part of their work, this can cut a job which would take a desktop computer 4 days to a 45 minute task using agINFRA. Partners discussed how this next-gen technology can best be accessed and used by Europe’s agricultural researchers along with a variety of other project issues. With agINFRA now in great shape, watch out for 21c promoting the services across Europe at leading events and conferences! To find out more, why not check out the agINFRA website!

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